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One on the highlights belonging to the Corby is the inclusion of popular networking widgets, like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Flickr, and Flickr. This allows checking messages in real-time, chatting or adding friends, poking a friend, tweeting, reading your friends' posts, and adding a shot. It is enough to cover internet needs, mobile style. Login details can also be saved Movavi Video Editor for simple access.

You can make your own log sheets simply by taking blank involving paper (8 1/2 x 11) and drawing grids containing rows and tips. At the top of the page you can get rows and columns when you insert basic information about the program a person editing.

You will rate or "comment" on each don't forget to log entries according to its suitability (e.g., "don't use," "must use," "so-so," "really bad"), some other notes you simply wish to remember about a special shot.

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The phone comes bundled with Samsung's very own TouchWIZ interface and Swype (Samsung's ultrafast text input function), not to mention Samsung's Social Hub application first seen on its bigger brother the Samsung galaxy s. It's also armed with a HTML5 browser, an augmented reality app from Layar, support for MPEG4, H.263 and H.264 video formats, and Samsung's AllShare platform which allows for easy sharing of media across a wide choice of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)-certified Samsung devices like notebooks and Tvs. You can even use the Galaxy 5 as a remote for your Samsung TV or laptop pc. Nifty.

In case you should organize your day, the Nokia N73 phone can help you out. You then have a calendar collectively with a to do list that you can fill in and add reminders, so you never forget the essential meetings and trips. Then, the Nokia N73 phone has also a radio that achievable listen to while in the car or when bored. Last, but not least, the strong battery of the Nokia N73 phone holds for a whole lot 6 hours of talk time and for 350 hours of the stand by position time.